* NEW! CASMARA LUX Face Treatment - deep moisturizing, cleansing, lifting. 90 min for only 105(normal price 125 )
(Cleansing, mild acid peeling, ultrasound peeling, darsenval, warming mask with cinnamon, foamy oxygen mask, ampoule concentrate (moisturizing or lifting), vibrating massage with apparatus, sonophoresis with nanogel, massage with cream for face, neck and decollete, Gold alginate mask "Peel off", hand massage, cream)
*UUSI! SMART pedicure with discs 90 min.  65€
Careful treatment of the foot, polishing of the foot, treatment of the fingers, massage with cream.
* Express Clarena face treatment 30 min.  33€
Superficial purification, peeling, active concentrate, cream mask, cream.
* Express face treatment for men + hand massage 30 min.  40€
Superficial purification, active concentrate, massage, mask, cream.
* Back massage + express face treatment 60 min.  60€
Relaxing back massage and a face treatment, which includes superficial purification, active concentrate, massage, mask, cream.
* Easy Feet 30 min.  29€
Aromatic feet bath, cold paraffin and feet massage.